Helpful tips

The experts at ServiceMaster Today have compiled a number of helpful tips and facts for our customers regarding water, fire, and mold damages.

Fire and Smoke Damage:

  • Toss any opened food packages, as it may be contaminated
  • Wipe residue from porcelain fixtures to prevent permanent marks
  • Cover vent ducts with a damp cloth or towel to capture loose soot that may have entered your air circulation system
  • Cover your carpeting and flooring with towels, tarp, or linens to prevent additional accumulation of dirt
  • If weather permits, open all doors and windows to aerate the property of heavy smoke odors
  • Do not use any electrical equipment until a professional approves that the power source is safe for use

Water Damages:

  • Open all doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, or any other item, to help aerate rooms and to dry wet items
  • If possible, apply the use of fans to enhance drying
  • Wipe all wood surfaces dry, including the legs of furniture
  • Hang draperies on the drapery rod to hang dry
  • Use a mop or towels to blot and remove any standing water
  • Have your power source inspected by an expert before using any electrical appliance or equipment
  • Remove rugs and mats to another location to dry
  • If possible, use the property’s air conditioner or heater to assist with drying

Mold Damages:

  • Never mix bleach with other chemicals as you may accidentally create toxic chemicals and fumes
  • Do not attempt to remove large mold growths by yourself as you may agitate the growth and it will release spores into the air
  • Mold is often a result of water damages, so it’s important to search for any leaky pipes or faults in your drainage system
  • Mold thrives in dark and humid areas of properties such as between walls, in ceilings, and so on.

**Remember to use extreme caution whenever attempting to clean any item after sustaining fire or water damages, as additional damages may occur due to improper cleaning of materials. If you prefer not to risk damaging your belongings, contact a professional to provide specialized cleaning services. **