Things to do

To show the dedication we have for our customers, we’ve developed a list of actions you can do when waiting for the professionals to arrive onsite. These are items you can attempt to do in order to help mitigate losses, but please be aware that you are doing these items at your own risk and no one else is responsible.

What you can do

Water Damage:

  • Turn off the water to prevent any broken pipes from leaking and causing additional damages
  • Turn off the electricity to prevent electrocution
  • Wipe furniture and move them to another location
  • For wet draperies, hang them on the drapery rod to dry
  • If weather permits, open all doors and windows to enhance the drying process
  • Remove as much water as possible by mopping or using towels
  • Move any unaffected items to safe location

Fire Damage:

  • Gently blow soot off upholstered furnishings
  • Wipe soot from porcelain, aluminum, Formica, or chrome fixtures to prevent permanent tarnishing
  • Cover air ducts with damp cloths to catch soot that may have entered your air circulation system
  • Replace the filter of your air circulation system
  • Open windows to aerate a property of smoke odors
  • Toss any opened food containers or packages
  • Cover the floor with linens, towels, or tarp, to prevent additional soiling

What NOT to do

Water Damage:

  • Do not use electrical equipment or appliances in a wet room
  • Do not attempt to remove carpeting
  • Do not turn on electrical fixtures without approval from a professional
  • Do not use a regular, household vacuum cleaner in attempt to extract water
  • Don’t hesitate to call ServiceMaster Today for water damage services

Fire Damages:

  • Don’t attempt to clean walls covered in soot, improper cleaning will only make the walls absorb the soot
  • Do not try to wipe off or rub soot off of furnishings. When you press on soot, it will compound and stick to the fibers of the furniture and become near impossible to clean.
  • Don’t touch anything. Oil from your hands will permeate upholstery, walls, and woodworked items